An outsider at an elite boarding school goes to unheard of lengths to fit in during a perverse sexual game that's a senior tradition. A feature-length screenplay by Daniel Lichtenberg & John McMinn.

Major Willis returns from Mars to find the banalities of everyday life more frightening than the vast emptiness of outer space. A short film script by John McMinn.

Norea is plagued by a series of nightmares involving strange religious rites and a blind artisan. She seeks guidance from a medium - who realizes her true identity as the divine Sophia after her fall from grace. Dreaming of mysterious hooded figures trying to capture and confine her, Norea begins to lose her ability to distinguish dream from reality, while the medium enlists the help of the archons - the evil rulers of this world - to detain Norea and prevent her return to grace. A short film script by John McMinn.

An Irish-American family reunites under the same roof after a death in the family, only to be separated again by racism. A short film script by John McMinn.